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what is good to mix with pre made sangria?


  1. Nera says:

    Honestly, store bought sangria just doesn’t compare to homemade. I make it by the pitcher for every cookout or get-together during the summer. If you want to smooth out the store bought stuff you can add orange juice or Sunny D. I suggest the Sunny D since it is sweeter and not so acidic.

    For fruit, you can add lemon, lime and orange slices. Also maraschino cherries are a must-have (add the juice from the jar as well). Sliced apples or strawberries are great too. If is it too strong, serve with a splash of ginger ale or sprite.

  2. Silver Surfer says:

    Make your own it’s so easy. Red or white wine (cheap) with orange juice, some frozen fruit punch, a little vodka, fresh or frozen chopped fruit and 7 up..

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