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What is the difference between Poblano and Anaheim peppers?


  1. Gary H. says:

    Anaheim – [Long Green, California Green, Chili Verdi, Chili Colorado (when ripe), California Chili (when red ripe and dried)]
    Anaheim Chilis Fresh green or red ripe (Chili Colorado) or dried red (usually called California), 6" to 11" by 2". These mild (H2) chilis are most comon gree but are also excellent red, with a taste and sweetness similar to a red Bell Pepper but with a definite bite to them. They are similar to New Mexico and several other chilis that fit the same "long green" description.

    Anaheims are often used by restaurants for Chili Rellanos and other recipes that should be made with Poblanos because they are large enough to stuff, available, low cost and because Poblanos can sometimes be hotter than they think their customers want. The Anaheim lacks the dark flavor of the Poblano, but is otherwise a fine chili.
    Poblano – [not Pasilla]
    Poblanos Fresh green H3, rarely red ripe – dried red it is called Ancho. This large (4" to 6"), very dark green conical chili has fairly thick flesh with a unique flavor, but hotness and shape can vary widely.

    Poblanos are the correct chili for Chili Rellano, but many restaurants use the less flavorful Anaheim for reasons of cost, availability and for fear of the somewhat erratic hotness of the poblano. When a recipe calls for "Pasilla" chilis it almost always actually means "Poblanos", particularly if it calls for stuffing them. Real fresh green Pasillas are not only hard to find even in California but are long, narrow and relatively thin of flesh.

  2. Usman Niaz says:

    Poblano is red chili
    Anaheim peppers is green chili

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