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How much should a gram of hash and hash oil cost?


  1. bfruacikned says:

    Hash can be broken into several different types of hash that will determine the quality and potency of the hash. The first type is the most unclean type of hash. this hash is generall made from thc that sticks on hands and clippers of people as they harvest the marijuana. It usually ranges in THC content from 20-40% THC by volume and runs in the 10-20$ per gram range. Most imported rock hash is this form of THC.

    The second main type of hash is created via a "sifter" or "tumbler" method. High quality marijuana is put into a cylindrical (usually) screened container and tumbled like a dryer. The THC trichomes fall off and gather in a pan. This "Kief" is then collected and usually pressed into a brick form. THC content generall ranges from 30-50% and buying it usually runs 20-30$ per gram.

    The third method of hash preparation is a water extraction method. The so called "Bubble Hash" is detached mechanically from the plant matter through a process of agitation in ice cold water and ice mixture. The trichomes become brittle and shear off the plant material, and a series of screens is then used to rid yourself of all the plant material. This is the most pure form of hash and generall has THC content of 60-80% by weight. prices on bubble hash can be anywhere from 20-40$+ a gram.

    Hash oil is produced by stripping the THC from the marijuana with a chemical method rather than a mechanical one. a solvent is used to strip away THC, and the solvent is then evaporated to leave as close to pure THC as is reasonable to get. typical solvents include triple refined butane, acetone, pure alcohol etc. purity will generally be 80-95%. very hard to find for sale unless you know someone making it!

  2. crimsulent says:

    hash is made of the resin from pot plants. it’s a concentrated form of THC. it ranges in price from $20 to $50 a gram, sometimes higher for scarce, exotic or particularly potent varieties

    hash oil is a viscous liquid concentrated form of THC, it usually costs a lot more than hash. (prices vary), but lasts infinitely longer (it’s usually MUCH stronger than regular hash, and consequently you use just a tiny bit at a time. it makes you cough so much you rarely keep smoking it after you’re high [unlike pot or hash])

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