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what happens when you eat a Habanero Pepper by itself?


  1. d.adv0cate says:

    The habenero pepper is the one of the hottest actual peppers you can eat that are widely available. It ranks in the top 5 on the Scoville scale, which measures the hotness of a chile pepper.

    A habenero eaten alone will burn your tastebuds. The *censored* is not enjoyable and ruins all food you may be eating it with. The nerves in your tongue can also react negatively to your curiosity to eat one whole. It isn’t very pleasant at all.

    If you try one, make sure you have some kind of dairy product, preferably a cup of milk, close by. The lactose in the dairy will help to stop (and cool) you mouth down after having eaten the pepper.

    Some of the effects are that your tastebuds want to slap you. You immediately regret having tried one. Your brain kicks into overdrive trying to figure out how hot it really is. IT’S WAY HOTTER THAN ANYTHING YOU’VE EVER EATEN IN YOUR LIFE!!! Your eyes may tend to water. You can break into a sweat. You may induce yourself to throw it up (DONT DO THIS.. IT BURNS ON THE WAY BACK OUT!!)

    And as others have stated, it is way worst after having digested it and you have to pass it. It’s a burning like no other. I really suggest you drink the milk!

    On the other hand, and you prefer spicy things.. I would suggest you try a habenero sauce first.. before you try to eat a whole habenero pepper.. The sauce will give you an inkling into the heat of the actual pepper.

    Bon Appetite!

  2. AZTECAMAN says:

    The only after effects you will feel are those when the habanero leaves your body when your sitting on the toilet! lol

  3. Ratgirl36 says:

    you;ll burn your throat and mouth!

  4. Dillicious says:

    it wont have ane bad side effects, it will just taste like crap and you will regret doing it.

  5. Robert Norton says:

    Serious pain will happen. Eyes will water, body will go into a slight state of shock, heart rate will increase, sweating……it’s nearly as bad coming out the other end. Not pleasant.

  6. danzahn says:

    eat one and find out. Its killer hot!!

  7. Tyler H says:

    your mourh will feel fine at first, but then it will start to fell like fire.

  8. holykrikey says:

    Nothing to awful will happen. You may develop some laceratoins int your mouth and you will probably puke from it but thats it.

  9. Ocean Solider says:

    Well if you manage to get the feeling of fire out of your mouth, you then have to fight the fire as it is going down into your stomach, in which I have heard of it making people very sick. I wouldnt suggest it.

  10. EverCrack says:

    In Mexican legend, it is rumored a person will transcende into a higher being if he or she is able to consume 10 whole habaneros in 5 minutes. But I have never tried it myself.

  11. rob lou says:

    I really think it would burn. Like an acid burn. I use them all the time and I buy like 3 and that goes into 3 DIFFERENT meals. That little pepper is the hottest thing out. 3 of them will set you back maybe 30 cents. If you take the seeds out and the ribs maybe you can take it, I’m not sure tho. Just mincing them up makes me choke. So I’ll let you figure out what will happen.

  12. andrespb22 says:

    You can actually die………………..jk nothing

  13. Emily R says:

    You will explode!……..just kidding. Yeah they are pretty hot so be in for a big surprise. Your eyes will water and it will feel like your mouth is on fire. But other than that it’s not that bad.

  14. kissy face says:

    eating a pepper will not burn your mouth like fire will but it can irritate the tongue and the skin if you have too much. if you don’t have an iron gut you’ll probably have heartburn/indigeston and then fire in the hole! your hiney may burn and itch afterwards.

  15. yellabanana77 says:

    tears,sweat a numb tongue. to really find the answer why don’t you find out and see?

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