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What is a good, decently cheap, sweet red wine?


  1. joe s says:

    I really don’t know or understand what is meant by "a real wine drinker"
    I do not drink sweet red wine but understand that is my preference and that those who do drink sweet reds are still "real wine drinkers"
    As far as popularity sweet reds actually do sell very well. There is a large market for them. As a matter of fact the top selling wine from the entire Finger Lakes region is a sweet red. So please do not allow the "wine Snobs" influence your taste.

    Here is a list of some of the more popular sweet red wines:
    Red Wines are normally dry (not sweet), but there are a few very sweet ones. Among them are:
    Rine Street Red Wine – A sweet American wine from the Arbor Hill winery
    Bully Hills Vineyards Sweet Walter Red – A red dessert wine from the Finger Lakes region of New York
    Hazlett Red Cat – Also from the Finger Lakes region of New York
    Ca’ Togni – A sweet red from Napa Valley, CA made from the Black Hamburgh grape
    Chapinha Sweet Red – Comes from the up and coming South American wine region, Chile
    Any Port – Port is a dessert wine that comes from Portugal. There are a few types of port – including tawny ports and ruby ports. Ruby port is a sweet red wine that is rich, thick and sweet. Port has a higher alcohol content than regular wine and it goes well with rich desserts that contain chocolate.

    All can be found under $20

  2. ? says:

    If you can find it "3 buck chuck" is the best cheap wine out there and is a winner of several awards and is really only 3 bucks a bottle

  3. Renee says:

    I’m not a fan of sweet wine except Port. But there is a brand called Sweet Bitch. They have Merlot, Cab etc except with a sweet twist. People rave about it.

  4. k. k. says:

    Unfortunately for you, they don’t make any quality sweet red wines, other than things like late harvest Zin and Port, but those are dessert wines.

    The Menage a Trois isn’t an awful suggestion and is pretty sweet, while maintaining almost decent quality.

    There isn’t much demand for sweet reds among "real" wine drinkers or critics, so they’re basically an afterthought.

    EDIT: That’s why I put "real" in quotes. I’m not saying I necessarily share the opinion, but I do hear it frequently.

    And you have to agree that the majority of the sweet reds are made with subpar grapes, as the wineries that make them don’t usually tout them as their best products. I mean, hyper fruit and lots of RS cover up a LOT of grape flaws, especially since drinkers of these wines don’t necesarily have educated, trained palates.

    As far as the Finger Lakes region goes, it’d make sense that their best selling wine is sweet. It’s not a region taken very seriously by many other than those who grow grapes there. Yeah, there’s some okay Franc, but I’ve never much been impressed by any of the juice I’ve tried. B- at best.

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