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What is the best alcohol that gets you drunk for a cheap price?


  1. lamexicanita86 says:

    If you want to get drunk cheap, the best and fastest way to do it is with hard alcohol. A cheap beer like Keystone or Busch will give you a buzz, but is much more expensive than, say vodka or whiskey. Vodka and whiskey are the strongest alcohols you can get (make sure the bottle says 100 proof) and relatively cheap. You can easily get a bottle of these, a case of mineral water or a fruit mixer, and a bag of ice for 25 dollars. Vodka mixed better with fruit flavors (especially citrus); whiskey can be mixed with mineral water or soda. Tastes about as good as any alcohol, and better than beer. And yes, it will keep you drunk all night. Just try not to drink the whole bottle.

  2. backyard_tire_biter says:

    Git yourself a jug of Vodka, son…
    U can pour 40-weight motor oil in it and make it happen!!!!!

  3. jautomatic says:

    everclear – you can add it to anything and get screwed up fast.

  4. Charlie Chaplin says:

    busch beer. like 14 bucks for a thirty pack. otherwise buy a cheap bottle of vodka 80 proof is like 15 bucks and 40 proof is like 7 dollars. thats for like a 2 liter too those huge jugs that last ya awhile.

  5. Richard G says:

    get some cheap Red Wines..

  6. Diffin says:

    the highest concentration of alcohol for dollar is in cheap port wine – but it is not very good and not very strong. Just buy some cheep vodka or whiskey or gin all about 40% alcohol and about the same price. You can mix them all together and try to make everyone vomit!

  7. aflores7096 says:

    vodka and juice. i yhink gordons vodka($8) should do the trick if you dont mind the hangover in the morning. liquor stores sell small bottles of any well type of liquor

  8. Moxie Awesome says:

    Miller Highlife
    Old English
    A fair amount of Vodka
    Some O.J.
    and if you have anything left…a little bottle of Jagger.

    Be safe and have fun.

  9. standupandclapyourhands says:

    i don’t touch liquor anymore…. but if you want a beer that will knock you on your ass get icehouse.

  10. John A says:

    Rum, gin, vodka SCOTCH WHISKEY.

  11. Norman J says:

    What would you like to commit Susie??
    Are you that cheap I did not know that you were that cheap.
    suppose one of who will be there drink what you are going to
    mix up & get hert or worst. what would you say???
    Its would be OK if you go because you will be the silly one to
    experement with the mixtures so that would be yours fault.
    Yoy cheap skate

  12. Duttin says:

    If you want something strong for cheap, there is vodka.
    If you don’t like anything that strong and want beer, lets just say if you can stand the taste… (kinda bitter) there is Natural Ice. It does the job fairly well, and don’t cost much… or there is Milwaukee special reserve (my preference growing up) about $13 / 30 pack.

  13. Mele D says:

    gordon’s vodka is cheap but good
    smniroff is cheap and decent
    malibu rum is pretty cheap
    parrots bay (passion fruit) is good alone and mixed with fruity drinks
    and jose quervo is a cheap tequila

  14. Clarence G says:

    get some different flavors of burnetts vodka, its a cheap vodka but one of my favorites

  15. lebron23dwade3 says:

    Don’t know where you are from but if it’s legal in your state get Everclear "Vodka". It’s 190 proof(95%). It’s $19.99 for a 750ml bottle and will last you VERY Long. Mix it with fruit punch.

  16. sproutout says:

    i’m not big on liquor anymore… but i’d say best bet is a nice cheap vodka and a nice cheap juice…. we used to toss back McCormick’s vodka back in the day before hitting the bars b/c it was cheaper than drinking in the clubs…. of course it tastes a bit like nail polish remover…

    i’m way more into beers… and if you’re looking for cheap and tasty… i have to agree with Moxie…
    MILLER HIGHLIFE!… after all its the champagne of beers!
    and a 6pack of bottles is usually 3$….(here in Texas at least)

    Boone’s farm is fun too… nice and cheap very fruity if you’re not into the bitterness of beers…. i like their Sangria!

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