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What's a healthy* way to make grapefruit taste good?


  1. MrM says:

    I know, I know…its not what is exactly commonly called healthy…but it actually is…

    …drizzle with a little honey.
    Honey is a natural antibiotic and is actually quite good for us if used in –moderation–. ;-)

  2. Atomic Mama says:

    Salt it lightly :-)

  3. helentacular says:

    i put artificial sweetner on mine like equal or sweet and low.

  4. kt says:

    sprinkle sugar on it…
    or I like to use splenda, because grapefruit makes a great addition to a diet

  5. laura j says:

    buy ruby red grapefruit and put splenda on it

  6. bushnana says:

    add orange juice to it, or pinapple juice.

  7. jend1013 says:

    My Granny used to cut them in half & section them the night before…then sprinkle sugar (nowadays I’d say Splenda) on it. Cover loosely & refrigerate overnight. The sugar gets into the fruit & tastes great the next morning.

  8. dodajean says:

    Here is a completely different way to eat it…. in a salad…,,FOOD_9936_37269,00.html

  9. Jo W says:

    Broiled Grapefruit:
    I lived in Fla. for 15 years and my out of town guest loved this…
    Slice grapefruit and section with grapefruit knife but leave flesh in the rine.
    Sprinkle with 1/2 t. brown sugar per side
    Place under broiler till sugar bubbles
    **believe me its incredible for breakfast or a snack

  10. Tara C says:

    Cut it in half then score the sections inside the membrane. Then sprinkle each half with splenda. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. It’s not that bad. My mom likes it with a little pineapple juice on top, but that’s too much for me.

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