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How long does it take for mold to form on White bread?


  1. Long Beach Rocker says:

    This is impossible to answer because of the different amounts of additives and preservatives in different breads.

    My Dad buys store brand white and keeps it for weeks in the fridge without molding.
    I make my own bread from scratch using no preservatives and it molds in about 4-5 days,

    To me, store bought bread is as far from real as it gets.

  2. Brandon says:

    It really depends. On what type of white bread.
    An what time the expiration goes. I have seen bread mold before the expiration date though as well.

    But maybe a week to two weeks. But also depends how the bread is made.. So I say a week or 7-10 days. But it depends on the breads an manufactors.

  3. RoyS says:

    It depends on ambient temperature, humidity, and how the bread is stored. Fresh bread, in the original bag, kept at room temperature, will mold faster than the same bread stored in the refrigerator. Bread slices, left out on a plate will likely dry out, and not mold at all. Good for making bread crumbs.

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