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How many beers does it take for a 13 year old to get drunk?


  1. Kitty Grey says:

    It really just depends on the person, but for someone that young who has only been drunk once before, probably not very many. Almost definitely less than 6. Tolerance isn’t something that you have or don’t have, it’s like a scale. You can have higher or lower tolerance than someone else. However, what really matters is not how many beers she had, but how drunk she is. Can she stand? Is she throwing up? When she talks, is she making sense? You should give her water and if she can’t stand up, you should consider calling an ambulance because she could have alcohol poisoning. You might want to tell your parents what is going on and they’ll probably know what to do. If she passes out or falls asleep, you should make sure she’s laying on her side (or at least not on her back) in case she throws up. I know that you probably don’t want your parents to know, but if she’s really drunk, she could die, so you should really tell them what’s going on.

  2. shiningappolomon says:

    about 4-8

  3. midget211 says:

    well im 20 years old 4"9 and weigh 111 and 8or 9 small cans of beer might get me drunk. and for a 13 year old i think maybe 4 cans depends how fast the person drank. plus she only drank once before so it shouldn’t have token too many to have gotten her drunk.

  4. Piggowiggo123 says:

    A 13 year old shouldn’t be drinking.

  5. Matt Coleman says:

    Tolerance to alcohol doesn’t happen over night, not if you’ve only drank a couple times. It probably didn’t take many. She may puke later but its hard to do real harm with beer, shed fill up too fast. She will be okay in a couple hours. Keep an eye out in case she starts to sweat a lot.

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