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What can i use as a substitute for parmesan cheese (for pasta sauce recipe)?


  1. thegubmint says:

    Way different. Parmesan is a pretty unique cheese. You could try Romano, but it’s just as expensive as Parmesan.

  2. Tom ツ says:

    I’ll guess that the amount of cheese is negligible. I would just leave it out, but I think you should get some Parmesan.

  3. Heartbreaker says:

    Yes, the taste will be very different if you substitute either for parmesan. Romano is good-a tad saltier imo but good. But it can be expensive also

  4. Stevenfromtheblock says:

    go the supermarket and try some italian grated cheese.

    most sell it, but just be careful as some i have bought in the past, is very salty.

    it ruined a carbonara that i was making.

  5. Sugs says:

    Romano or pizza cheese would be the closest.

  6. Stephen L says:

    I know people who can’t stand the smell of Parmesan. For a sauce, a really tasty and mature Cheddar will do just fine.

  7. Sugar Pie says:

    Romano or Asiago cheeses are common subs for parmesan. You need a very hard, dry cheese to sub for parm. Mozz or cheddar will not work.

  8. Mama Jazzy Geri says:

    If you are using a basic white sauce that calls for Parmesan cheese and you don’t have it you can do this:
    Mix flour and butter together in a pan until it’s a paste then add milk and chicken broth and stir until this mixture thickens. Add pinch of salt and chopped parsley, and a dash of nutmeg. Sauteed mushrooms can be added too. Make some buttered toasted breadcrumbs and sprinkle on top it will add another nice touch.

    Parmesan cheese has a taste of it’s own. Cheddar would be too strong and Mozzarella is too bland and stringy…the chicken broth mixed with the white sauce has a very pleasant taste. Last idea is to shred some Monterrey Jack Cheese into the white sauce as stated above it would help with the cheesy taste without over powering with a harsh flavor. but use the plain white one not the one with peppers.

    Good luck,
    Mama Jazzy Geri

  9. Robert S says:

    Not only taste but texture! Cheddar & Mozzarella will go stringy.
    Sometimes Parmesan is cheaper at the Bulk Food store.
    Romano or Asiago are similar cheeses, but also pricey.
    Unless you’re making Alfredo sauce, just leave out the cheese.
    Or just sprinkle a little over the finished serving.

  10. Brian X says:

    Cheddar *may* do it, but it will taste somewhat different and might behave differently; make sure to get a very sharp cheddar if you’re going to try it, like an English farmhouse cheddar or a sharp Vermont. Mozzarella won’t work at all and is best saved for lasagna or baked ziti; it’s too stringy and too subtly flavored.

    Usually if you want to substitute parmesan (by which I assume you mean Parmigiano Peggiano), you’ll want to use something else in the same family. Your best bets would be Pecorino Romano (very sharp, but gives it a bit of a Roman/central Italy twang), Grana Padano (very close to Reggiano), or (slightly softer) asiago; I don’t know where you’re located, but very few parmesan-type cheeses made outside Italy are worth the trouble.

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