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What is the difference between a mandarin, satsuma, clementine and tangerine?


  1. Nicky says:

    Very interesting question. I found a site that seems to have a lot of information concerning which fruits are tangerine vs. tangelos, where they’re grown, history of etc. Hope it helps. I’ll also be perusing the page to find out a little more info myself to find out more about my favorite the satsuma’s.

  2. Rose says:

    Mandarin: a small, spiny citrus tree, Citrus reticulata, native to China, bearing lance-shaped leaves and flattish, orange-yellow to deep-orange loose-skinned fruit, some varieties of which are called tangerines.

    Satsuma: 1. a former province on S Kyushu, in SW Japan: famous for its porcelain ware.
    2. (lowercase) a kind of mandarin orange.

    Clementine: a small, sweet variety of tangerine with orange-red skin.

    Tangerine: Also called mandarin, mandarin orange. any of several varieties of mandarin, cultivated widely, esp. in the U.S.

    So in answer to your question, they’re all just spin-offs of the mandarin, so you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. :) I looked it up on, and I can’t see the difference. I also found out that mandarin is also the name of a very pretty bird…go figure. ;)

  3. Ms. Diamond Girl says:


    Sweet Orange
    Citrus sinenis
    Family: Rutaceae

    Clementine, Mandarin, Tangerine, Satsuma
    Citrus reticulata,
    Family: Rutaceae

    Description & storage
    Orange: Round thick skinned juicy edible fruit that is a reddish-yellow color when ripe.

    Mandarin types: type of small orange with loose skin.

    Store them at 12 degrees Celcius (=57o F) or if you like in the refrigerator. This is nice when you use them for squeezing.

    Clementines: the clementine is a seedless mandarin.

    Kumquats: the kumquat is like a citrus fruit and has an edible skin. It is the most well known of the sort fortunella which is closely related to Citrus.

    Mandarins: type of small orange with loose skin. The mandarin got its name because it was exploited by high-ranking government officials in China (mandarins).

    Minneolas: are a crossing between a tangerine and a grapefruit and can be recognized by
    "the little nose". Can be peeled manually. Is a type of
    Tangelo, a minneola is a specifically marketed tangelo.

    Oranges: There are different types of oranges: navel oranges, Valencia oranges and blood oranges are the most cultivated races.

    Tangelos: a tangelo is a crossing between a tangerine, a grapefruit and an orange. A specific kind of tangelo is the
    Ugli which is described further on this page.

    Satsuma:is a very special seedling from Japan. Its skin is a bit tighter than the clementine and it doesn’t have seeds as well.

    Tangerines: a tangerine is an orange-red mandarin with a particular citrus taste. Can be peeled manually.

    Uglis: a specific kind of tangelo, easier to peel. A crossing between a tangerine, a grapefruit and an orange. Looks really ugli and sometimes has brown spots. Can be peeled manually.

    hope this helped.

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