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How do you keep a hamburger from shrinking when frying in a pan?


  1. ※412enV※ says:

    there is nothing you can possibly do to stop it from shrinking. it doesnt work like that. You could get leaner beef to minimize the amount of shrinking that happens (less fat = less shrinking), or you could just make thinner and larger patties.

  2. technicolor says:

    make the patties bigger in circumference than usual but the same thickness

  3. Haley says:

    Yep, you need to make the patties bigger to begin with!

  4. em says:

    Lean meat and bigger patties with bread crumbs in them will help.

  5. somewhat confused says:

    couple things;
    -Leaner meat, shrinkage is all the fat liquidating from the heat.
    -Make the inside of the patty thin and the outside bigger, kinda like an inner tube without the hole. That will keep the patty from getting thick in the center when it shrinks (ty Rachel Ray).
    -Also, in specialty cooking stores they sell a burger weight. Its a thick metal rectangle with a handle on the top. It keeps the patty spread out. They use this in restaurants to keep burgers from getting thick in the center.

  6. Mountian_Baby says:

    The best bet is to use a lean beef but then you have a crappy burger.

    It shrinks becuase it is loosing moisture and fat. Also don’t add bread crumbs. If you add bread crumbs then you really should add an egg, and then you basically have meat loaf, not a burger.

    Like I said if you use a leaner meat you ae going to have a crappy burger. It will be dry and have no tatse. The taste of the burger comes from the fat, as does that juicy-ness.

  7. terrimotherof6 says:

    It shrinks because as the fat cooks out gaps are made, the meat draws up as muscles are prone to do when water is lost, heat is added. The only thing that will keep it from "Shrinking" is adding a filler. One that will not have a distinct flavor of its own but that will soak up the fat & hold its place in the burger.

    I like to use a blender & powder Saltines then mix them with Lipton onion soup mix ( it has a beef bullion base )& the ground beef. I add A1 & Worcestershire Sauce. Also the shape of the patty REALLY matters I shape my patties like a concave lens on both sides like this —-> )( That way when it does try to shrink it will thicken in the middle & be flat when done.

    These will work on the grill too. If you do choose to use a filler then you might have to chill the patties to make sure that they can be moved without falling apart.

    If you absolutely do not want fillers in your meat then you will have to buy a beef that is "lean" they put % markings on the package like 70/20 That means 70% beef & 20% fat. you will need 90/10 to cook a patty that shrinks very little. A patty with NO fat will stick to the pan & be yucky & dry.

  8. What the Deuce?! says:

    There’s really no way to prevent some shrinkage. Ground beef—or any other meat—contains both (some) fat and moisture, which are going to drain away, or evaporate, when the meat cooks.

    To keep shrinkage to a minimum (actually, you’re just making the burger LOOK bigger), there are a couple of things you can do:

    1) Use leaner beef. Instead of 27/73, try 10/90. It’s more expensive, but the cost is offset somewhat by the amount of actual food you have.

    2) Flatten your burgers before cooking. REALLY flat. They will still shrink, but they’ll look larger on the bun.

    3) The best idea is to freeze your (flattened) burgers. Freezing the patties makes the inside cook a little slower than the outside, so you get a bigger-looking burger. Just be sure to add a couple of minutes to the cooking time.

  9. Sabine says:

    Microwave it first.

  10. Eagle Eye says:

    If you use a lean meat this seldom will happen the fat will be very little but your burgers will be a bit on the dry side since fat is what keeps the meat moist , so to keep it moist use some fresh grounded bread into the mix and 1 egg to keep it together depending on the size of the buns make the patties a bit larger then the buns this will compensate when the burgers a cooked , Cook the meat until done don’t leave any pink in it if you want to lower the temperature to avoid flare up do so .

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