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walking tacos how much meat should I plan on making for 125 guest?


  1. Just says:

    It’s a whole lot of meat.

    I reckon people eat between 3 and 4 ozs meat on this kind of thing, That allows for some to eat more and some to eat less. If you work on 4 ozs then you need 31 lbs

    When I’m catering big things like this, I look at one person and what they will eat. just an average person, not too much and not too little. Then I multiply up by the number of guests.

    In the past I have even prepared a plate some time in advance just to see if it looks ok. After all, eating a plate of walking tacos is a small price to pay for getting it right!

    Good luck, I’m sure your daughter and her friends will have a great graduation party.

  2. jamesbergen50 says:

    General guide. I usually pre’pair 1/2 pound of meat per. guest. Some will eat more some less.

  3. Angie says:

    I don’t know what walking tacos is. But for faster/easier way and still taste great. I boy tortilla chips and have my meat prepared of course and make TACO SALADS =) Then you have all your fixings. Its cheaper to just buy bags of tortilla chips and faster on preparing the taco salads than tacos.

  4. Christy says:

    Walking tacos will not take that much meat. I would plan on about 12 lbs of taco meat. I have served taco meat at parties several times

  5. PSOs gal says:

    You figure that 1 lb. of hamburger feeds appox. 3 people so you would prob need to buy the big packs of hamburger and ask the butcher exactly. Im no good at math all i know is that you will need a bunch of meat. But i can help you with the taco per guest. I would do at least 3 per person Also depends on if its for your fam. and see if theres more guys than girls? sometimes guys eat more than girls. Girls usually just take one and go sit and eat it then if they are hungry they will graze back for more. Guys will take a plate full and sometimes stack on the food.

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