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What are the brown spots on green seedless grapes?


  1. Spunk Nutley says:

    Well, the brown spots on the grapes are just like the decaying process of any fruit – it doesn’t last long. They’re still perfectly edible as long as they’re just dots, but grapes should be purchased free from any spots and eaten quickly. If they’re left out and wet, the spots can start to show up.

    Again, they’re not in any way unsafe to eat at this point but once they show up, you better gobble them up quick!

  2. Fuk Me says:

    Who cares about grapes, eat meat.

  3. Reader4Life says:

    My apologies to Spunk Nutley! I hit the wrong "thumb" by mistake. That was the correct answer. I just wanted to let you know that grapes also freeze well.

    Try to buy them when they look fresh, and try to eat them soon after you buy them (as already explained by Spunk). If you cannot get to them right away, freeze them in a ZipLoc bag or other airtight container. Until they are frozen, keep the plastic bag flat with the grapes in a single layer so they will not be frozen together in a clump. You can also use a sheet pan for this part of the process. Once the grapes are frozen, you may pack them into a smaller container, and you won’t have to worry about the whole pile sticking together. Enjoy!

  4. Charles Palmer says:


  5. redhead says:

    I’ve never seen them so I would wait until you can find some without the spots. It could be a dried leaf I guess. Can you remove it with your fingernail or is it actually a part of the grape? It you can remove it, then it is something the grape got next to, probably when it was washed and wet and it stuck to it. The grapes can get bruised and I guess it could be considered a brownish color. If it feels kind of squishy, instead of firm then yes it is probably a bruise and once again, I would wait to find grapes that didn’t have so many of these that they are noticeable.

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