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What's the difference between an ICEE or slushy?


  1. Mystery O says:

    i think the difference is that icees are made with ice that is flavored before it is frozen and slushies are just syrup poured over ice.

  2. Bee says:

    No difference. I think ICEE is just a brand.

  3. Peter says:

    ICEE and/or Slurpees (7-Eleven) consist of flavored ice mixed in with the ice thus less sugary but more stable flavor but Slushys (Alligator Ice or Frazil’s) consist of Ice Bits over syrup and water. If you stay in a shaded area then Slushys are better suited as they aren’t too sweet but Slurpee’s can stay be very drinkable when in a area where it will melt (and not too tart and/or sweet)

  4. kharperci says:

    ICEE is a brand, like the Slush Puppies I used to get from 7-11 as a kid

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