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How long will homemade cheese dip stay good in the refrigerator?


  1. Robert O says:

    Put it in the oven and enjoy it. It’s still good. If there’s any left after today, it could probably last about a half week. After that, if it’s not spoiled, it won’t taste as good. Today, though, go for it.

  2. Mihaela says:

    Yes,it’s still good.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’d use it by Friday at the lastest. One week is long enough. Baking a second time after what is not eaten, throw out. Next time, just make 1/2 of it and then make the other 1/2 like today and then you’ll have used up the first 1/2 and have a fresh batch for this weekend. Or make thw whole thing and freeze 1/2. Take out day of baking to thaw in refrig. and then bake.

  4. Robin Griffin says:

    I have 2 dips in the fridge leftover from Christmas Eve. One is a cream cheese based dip that has cooked andouille sausage in it and the other is a cream cheese based shrimp dip made with canned shrimp. The first dip has to be heated, but the second one can be eaten cold. I was considering pulling them out today and serving them while we enjoy the football game. Are these dips still good?

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