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What is the difference between schnapps and vodka?


  1. Thedude27 says:

    In America Basically the same. I think vodka mfg’s can take a little more pride in thier starting ingredients and process.

    Most schnapps here are distilled sugar wash into grain alcohol then flavored and watered down. There is no definite answer because schnapps can be made many ways with varring degrees of quality.

    For example, true schnapps (Schnaps) in Germany its more like brandy in that it is distilled from fermented fruit and is clear.

  2. tessa46 says:

    schnapps is higher

  3. danixox says:

    one is schnapps and one is vodka :) , that is the difference.

  4. xXBRETTICUSXx says:

    i think schnapps is always flavored and im pretty sure it has less alcohol than straight vodka

  5. 98989898 says:

    Schnapps is german and vodka is russian

  6. hot dayum =) says:

    theyre just different

  7. Bull Dog says:

    Vodka is allot more stronger than schnapps.

  8. Katietyphoon says:

    I believe Schnapps is a German-born alcohol made from distilling fruits…the consistency is closer to vodka. Brandy is more syrupy and is made by soaking said fruit in an already distilled alcohol.

  9. like my "cow lick"? says:

    schnapps is candied crap and vodka is a classic.

    no, schnapps is not 99 proof.


    schapps is 64 proof dear.

    if that, half the time.

    and vodka:

    no, i never seen a schnapps that was 99 proof.. sorry. that’s a joke if i ever heard.

  10. Linda G says:

    Vodka is straight alcohol and schnapps is more of a flavored drink with way less alcohol.i personally like flavored drinks i hate straight if u like fruity drinks like me you’ll like schnapps better

  11. Sockeye's says:

    schnapps will have a higher alcohol proof than flavored vodka. Some flavored vodka’s have more alcohol than others. Like flavored stoli is 80proof and flavored smirnoff has only 70proof. The smirnoff with be sweeter and more fruity than vodka flavor. Cheers!

  12. Lyn says:

    The schnapps is alot sweeter. There are some other vodkas that have a higher proof. I’ve had 99 apples before. And yes it is 99 proof. The other difference is that schnapps is a little syrupy, kinda like snow cone syrup.

  13. Big Z says:

    Whatever you do, don’t drink 99 Banana’s. That stuff is terrible. I woke up the next morning burping what tasted like bananas soaked in alcohol. Absolutely disgusting.

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