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what is the difference between a wok and a skillet?


  1. Hman says:

    A wok is dommed shaped, a skillet is flat bottomed.

  2. Oldwhiteguy2earth says:

    You can make it in a skillet. A wok has a rounded bottom so that it helps to toss the foods when cooking. I have a wok and don’t even use it for stir-fry.

  3. crackhead_catwalk_for_charity says:

    a wok is just shaped different which makes it ideal for stir fry, but you can use a skillet…just make sure it is nonstick and very very hot before you start frying, and fry in small batches…if you’re deep frying then keep the pan and oil the recommended temperature though

  4. ffl04122007 says:

    They are spelled differently.

  5. B.E.I. says:

    The shape and thickness are the two biggest differences.

    A skillet is flat bottomed and a thick metal for uniform heating. A wok is thinner metal with a smaller bottom and higher sides. It is designed to provide high heat at the bottom (for flash cooking") and medium heat on the sides.

    A skillet can be used if it is all you have. We used a skillet for a long time for various recipes, until I happened to be in Bed, Bath, & Beyond and bought a wok for $20.

    Since then, we prefer the wok over a skillet for those types of dishes as we prefer the veggies to be hot and crunchy. The skillet tends to make them soft due to the amount of time it takes to cook them.

  6. ♥♥♥You Go Girl♥♥♥ says:

    A wok is more rounder and hollow then a skillet is…it shouldn’t really matter what pan you long and the food doesn’t fall out of the’re fine..=)

  7. Robert S says:

    A wok is larger & deeper, a skillet has a handle.
    If making a small quantity, use your largest fry-pan.

  8. Dune says:

    Ye you can cook that in a frying pan, no problem.
    A wok is totally curved, but modern ones have a small flat base so they will sit nicely on the elements.

  9. Jane Hewitt says:

    Generally, a wok has a stand that sits OVER the burner and the wok itself is cradled in that ring over the burner. When you cook with a wok, you have all the prep done in advance, so you just keep adding in the order of what takes the longest to cook. They have big sides on them, those sides are used to push the food that is almost cooked out of the way, that food will continue cooking at a slower rate and the flavors will run down into the main cooking area. The center is the hotter heat source. It is quite a different way of cooking, the results won’t be the same with a big frying pan.

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